Friday, January 07, 2005

wah super sian few days..

hmm damn sian la.. these few days locked in camp doing sai kang.. just basically checking docus n correcting it for pats inspection.. until damn late lo.. yesterday nite work until 12am or 1..haha.. can die 1 la.. my eyes is damn tired n red when i c in the mirror.. can hang my head liao la.. den lolz keep msging pl while i doing work.. becoz sian mahz... 350 work must do 350 effort.. lolz.. den try to call ppl when i in camp.. becoz i need huamn touch.. i need a feel tat i m connected to outside world.. haizz.. some calls make me dulan.. some okok la.. gif me no feelng.. loz.. but hmm i keep sms ppl the last few ppl.. kaoz.. i tink almost 200 sms in 3 dat lo... sian 1/2..hmm i tink make the other ppl sian until no 1 reply at all.. pro pro 1 is tat tat gal hor nv reply at all for all 3 days.. oo pro pro.. now den noe who is true frens lo.. -.- gt 1 even scold me lehz.. say her sms almost burst to 20 dollars.. but ah a few sms nia.. expensive mehz?..

haha.. erm cause a major incident over wkend..

quite erm shocking la.. in short i tink i ruin my buddy date la..

haha.. let me worry for a few day.. bt onli for a few day la... if wan me to recount.. wah long story lehz...

okie.. sat nite watching soccer.. call come frm my potential da sao.. also my fren la.. hmm den my grp all noe her la.. suggest to wl tat he call her along for kbox.. but duno how by some turning n twisting.. it chnaged to their two solo date...haha.. i still remember when i ask wl whether cc n i can go arnot.. he say cannt.. onli her n him onli.. -.-...... den haha i try persuade again lo.. n jokingly say something to scold him la.. like scolding him for abandoning us for gal.. i oso gt gal to di siao her

sunday morning they call me to di siao me.. raining super big. super sian. staring at tv.. com oso spoil.. mood super down.... den call come.. they say tings tat erm irritate me abit.. haha someting abt 50cent a hr job joke.. which on hapi new eve they starting toking 1.. hmm i such a ez target to suan..erm.. den other tings la.. haha.. make me dualn abit.. but hmm nothing much la.. all frens mahz.. but hmm it make me sian until bottom lo.. go call cc to chat chat .. bored mahz .. tok tok tok grumble grumble joke joke.. den i suggest him to call wl to disturb him.. haha.. he call lo..den duno y la.. he oso misfire.. shoot to wendy.. horhor.. sgif the impression i super sad n sian while they enjoying their life la.. haha.. den hmm she say she will call me la.. den she call me la.. hmm but i nv answer.. ahaha.. damn apisehz lehz.. he say until lidat.. nv answer nv answer.. den oo after a few hr.. they come to MY HOUSE..wah lau eh.. make the whole ting super paisehz liao.. den hmm duno wat to react la.. den haha my reaction n face totally wrong la.. hmm... den erm follow them to my bus interchnage to send them off.. oo scold wl for bringing her to my house.. haha.. den the gal i duno wat she tink la.. on the face she look perfectly ok.. but haha who noe gal tinking.. den i damn stress for a few day la.. trying to figure ting out.. but then after tinking through , as she say, it nt reali a big deal..wahaha.. i gt erm explain wat happen n keep saying sorry through sms mon n tue.. becoz damn paisehz to tok face to face,.. her version n my version is totally different.. i can understand wat direction she tinking frm.. but hmmm.. wkend den discuss with cc n whoever who wan to listen to my sad story...

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