Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry xmas

todaay is 2005 dec 25..

merry xmas wor..

still gt 6 more days to 2006..

have u prepared ur new yr resolution.


dunnoe lei..

alot of things to aim.....

erm possibly a place in uni will be in the uppermost of my mind for whole yr..

i lazy to tink of it rite now..

for the past 2 days, i was online

haha whole day n nite onlione

getting tired le..

but duno lei.. no gals jio me out lei:P

no ppl jio me out n i tired to go out..

sian sian sian sian..

but haha 2 interesting thing happen to me past 2 days..


some 1 jio me for christmas service with her alone at woodland..

but i is too far n maybe too earely n maybe i too shy that i reject

haha the gal or lady is janie..

cute cute.. she show me the website of the church n the performance. by world class gospel singer bobby moore..

she even call me to ask me whether i wan to go.. uh huh.. she sound nice.. i nv mit her before.. so i m a abit tentative..

but in the end i reject.. possibly becoz i tink church service is abit weird.. n i felt weird to go out with a gal or rather a 28 yr old lady,,,

but she was nice till the end..

she sound humourous.. nice.

hoepfuly there is a followup esposide on this story


the second lucky thing tat happen over xmas?

haha a gal jio me out.!! wah nowadays gals very fierce sia

tsk tsk.. is tml afternoon.. meet at kfc tampines..
uh huh

she ah i duno lei.. maybe her main motive was to tok to her abt her saving plans or insurance premiums since she is a insurance agent....


she is shiying.. 22 yr old grad

unfortunaely although i wan to reject, but my heart won through..

so nw i puzzling over tml..

wat will i wear?
wat will i do?
uh huh...
just leave it all to fate

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