Friday, December 23, 2005

merry xmas merry xmas

yesterday does not get to book out.. is reali fucking waste time in camp doing nth..

haha but hor at least today go out le..

hmm i on standby.. alert red liao.. sianz sian... hope nthg happen in this 3 mths.. if not wah lau i nid to be activated..
i will be holding a pager everywhere le..
haha so style

okie.. i dun call any gals le.. haha i wan stone .. i wan read books.. i wan ermmmmmmmm more opportunitiesssss

haha today funi.. gt a gal auto open webcam n let me see wat she doing.. keep waving to mi.. doing stuff.. uh..

she 25.. erm she crazy??

haha but we chat for a hr .. she sound okie

sobx sobxxxxxx

meerry xmas coming.. where is my date


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