Monday, December 26, 2005

BOxing day

hmm i should be the one who should be boxed everyday..

this xmas has nt been gd to me
nth to report
nth to do


today wan to go see gal le.. but due to some circumstances. fail to mit her

mainly i felt tat she treat me as a biz deal

which i disllike

gals ah gals ah

why like tat 1

hmm but maybe i nt too much interested in her biz tok.. haha more interetsed in her ^.^

shiying shiying dun treat me as biz deal lei

why ppl like this 1?

on a separate topic,

there r 5 more days to end of 2005


congratulations jincai, u had just passed the worst yr in ur life..

nxt yr will be better la

many things to do in 2006

world cup to see sumore

sure will be a brillant yr


2006 faster come!

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