Saturday, December 31, 2005

adios 2005

i wonder if the yr can ever be better..

compare this yr to previous few yrs, i felt it is the worst yr in my life, although it is punctuated by a few nice moments.

first of all, a very thank to for these following persons who make my life abit better through the strict regimes and everything

My camp mates.

my OrDED SiR LTA(NS) benjamin heng.. he a great fren and leader.. haha he tried to help us whenever he can but kaoz.. no off frm him

my leave clerk, CPL(soon to be NS) nigel.. he been a great fren n help to me..

my registry clerk CPL Joshua.. he a nice fren although sumtime abit too loud.. haha..

my r and d clerk, LCP kENNY.. THe guy whoalways get in troubel.. 7 extra King.. thanks man.. u help us do LESS duties..

my buddy n my understudy..CPL Junkok... the ever harowrking n determined guy.. but abit stupid to help those fuckers of saf.. haha...

erm thanks for them .. if not how i survive the countless guard duties, the turn out, the alert amber, the pats wkends.. the countless saboing by madam..

thanks thanks.. i noe 2006 is coming.. most of them will ord a few mth earlier than me.. i will mis them.. hope for the best for them..

haha say finish all the thanks for them.. let us review my key events.. i try to be optimistic la..

1) meeting a gal in jan, severalwks before her bday.. hmm uh suposedly to buy a present for her..:S.. hmm ultimately coerced intobuying slipperrs.. hmm duno wat the fuss with the slippers until now.. hmm tot i like her.. but maybe is my hormones working..

2)feb... alot ofwork work work work work.. copa.. docu clerk. recall clerk.. 3 appts sia.. hah finaliculiminated to becoming the best soldier of themth..

3) march.. work work work work..

hmm did meet chienwen n lijun during these 2 period.. 1 is to mit lijun for kbox. fun sia.. lijun when u wan go to kbox with mi again,, the other mit chienwen for dinner plus movies..
haha although nv rreali go see movie with her(she owe me liao). but wat i remember frm the dinner at PS and tahe walk from PS to the stroll at BORDERS.. and the finali bYE at cityhall.. the sitting ard at coityhall mrt.. love it.. i actually wish to revisit the feeling.......
i also like the feeling with lijun.. she a nice gal.. although hiaz nowadays she dun relai like to tok to me liao.. sianz.... but i like her when she angry n the feeling oso.. haha

4)apr.. countless guard duties...................... 3 wks.. for consecutive days...

5) may---- off off off.. duno wat i do. tink gt meet lijun for ktv.. erm " invited" by her becoz alex invite her.. ultimately alex haha fly aeroplane.. n we 2 person onli.. hmm so we went to ps to see movie.. ths tupid scary movie..n the onli memory frm the movie.. is tat lijun keep laughing?.... haha..oh we oso haf meal..:s.. lijun eat alot wor.........haha...... nice feeling la .... tat is the last time we mit le.. so it 7 mths alreadi..lijun come out lei

hmm may also the mth when i first time go chompchomp..
erm i very bad tat time.. i disturb a fren.. ask her bring us along..becoz she say until so gd.. n i was on the way there also?
hmm she veri nice.. n we can chat.. she teased abt me seeing other gals but hmmmmm.. the onli gal i wan see is ever u onli...

6) june

finali saw amelia... she ah.. at cineleisure,, she go ther support her cousin.. haha did nt manage to say hi to her.. jhaha mainly becoz i shy.. honestly she look great but sian sia she attached .. if not i sure sure jio her.. kidding kidding... haha wah liew amelia come out meet me la.. see each other liao.. haff dinner come come..

also saw yizhen at the event.. haha..lolz.. nt wat i expected.. haha.. but lolzzzzzzzzz still a ncie gal overalll...

7)july.. saw she at ps to eat 2 pc chicken with her n cc..
saw the movie be with u.. the best movie of the yr in life..
haha.. see alot of movies..
alot of military stuff.. chemical defence.. atp.. imt..
know janie
saled to go oversea.. feeling nt gd..

8) aug

erm preparing for aler amber lo.. very busy la.. ahhhhhhhhhh
aug 28 went through my first operation in my life..
remove wisdom tooth..


nth reali happen.. maybe alot of army shit?
oh ya lijun nv invite me to her bday celebration although she promised me

10) oct

my bday.. key event..
wan to invite alot of ppl la..
all my netfrens.. n n n n..
haha in the end.. all my true frens come..
cailian come..
hmm she very ncie to come.. she gave me a big surprise..the watch,, the best gift in my life..
hmm she treat me very nice but in the end.. i nv treat her very well n i take her for granted.. maybe she felt tat.. maybe tat why we finali haf a big quarrel n till now i still feel there is abig split that is still unmended.. erm duno how to mend... seriously hmm tat is a big mistake of my life.. a mistake i may regret for whole of my life.. i duno.. i very indecisive in this kind of things..

anyway bday is a celebration of th day u landed in this life. a days where all ur frens come together.. haha true frens come nt easily..

love them ^^.. a key event n a key moment of my life.. my frens....

hmm i still dun understand why this event must happen after my bday.. is it a sign?

11) nov

always tinking of her..
hmm PATS audit.. manpower chekcs.. fully focused .. no tme for love or frenship

12) dec

WU YUE TIAN CONCERT.. haha wonderful day.. trully spent my money rite
my memories of 3 guards.. i been in 3 guard for a yr lo

actually nt many keyy events.. key events is all meeting netfrens.. haha.. maybe becoz i too isolated in camp.. always staying at home during wkends.. att why it is the worse yr in my life.. beccause i simply dun haf life..
n erm i keep tinking of dying.. hmm my common theme.. i will turn more positive 1..
becoz my new yr resolution is to be more positve n finali make up with many ppl........

summarized all key events le..
felt 2005 is a yr of many things..
i grew to be cynical!

i duno how to end 2005 at a bright note.. sian.. yesterday nite i slp whole nite.. due to a long wk n a long yr..
hope today gt event ba..

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