Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new yr 2006

Before ending the day with a plate of potatoes wedges on my table, i sincerely wish every1, eveyr fren of mine a hapi new yr and may all wishes come true..!!

new yr ah new yr ah.. ppl always haf great hopes abt coming new yr.. now it is here.. lolz.. guess it is time for me to strive harder to achieve wat i nv do before..

first of all, i must thank every1 for being with mi in 2005 and crossing over 2006 with mi.. i had nt been a easy guy to be with.. i haf my moments.. but thanks for all ur fren help n tolerance..

for this yr, i strive to be more optimistic, more independent.... more go getter..

i will aim for my things step by steps..

i will take watever steps to achieve my aims..


first of all will prepare my things fo uni admission period.. haha den must pray to god tat they let me into my desired course.. oh ya.. aiya must PRAY la..

ha agetting nt serious again..

i duno i feel a deep fresh air blowing into my world.. i actually feel enthusiatic abt this yr

no matter wat it happen in this yr, i guess it would be better than nxt yr...

n perhaps ppl will forgive me for the mistakes i done.. n ppl will actually appreciate me for wat i m.. nt for wat i project to be.


i guess i tok too much.. feeling sleepy sia.. first thing must read newks.. straits time.. business times.. improve myself!

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