Friday, December 17, 2004

time to update my blog

hmm.. for past few days i m hapi to experience

1) the advantge of having hair over no hair
2) the office politics
3) the stupid army procedures
4) the sai kang tat can b found in a day is enormous

haha.. first time i feel quite ok.. hmm maybe can settle down to the idea tat i going to b in a camp for the best part of life,, 2 yrs is quite long..
first day i go into camppppp: i forced to wait 1 hr for the chief clerk.. tat cool i cum earlier mah abt 15 min b4 the given time.get to see a different world of bmt.. but i getting to enjoy it.. scared of the arrows.. scared of going oversea field camp to brunie n taiwan next yr
man ting i still duno la.. my upppderstudy like bo hiew le.. den i osos sian to learn.. every1 suay oso... New Co..

few days kip do super kang.. nth to tink much.. hope life will b as easy as this will n may it b fast fast..a rghh i m started to ostracised beczo i dun share same interest in rhwm.. =v
they being beng typi i
si bei tired
next time den update military lifw

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