Thursday, December 23, 2004

hmm long time nv write.. nthg much to write.. i dying of ns boredom


if i get pes A n go chiong, will i feel beta?

if i dun chao keng in bmt, will i b afraid of wat lies ahead of me?

if i dun ask for repostment, will i feel happier?

lots of qn n

but tink i definitely regret the day i ask for repostment,..

frm a cushy 8-5 job to now a stay in camp where i expected to serve the country for 24 hr, this is definitly nt wat i expected of a gd life

of coz i dun expect a slack life in army
but this is the most xiong for a clerk like me liao
like one colleague say " this is living hell"

i m nt adapting well to the life at all.. i definitly nt jelling well with the ppl thee.. haizz.. alway seem to b alone in doing things.. alway tag along

hai~~ m i fated to b like this?

hmm.. living life at bedok camp
wonder whether i ever survive it

kill me b4 i kill myself~~

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Mysticman said...

Very interesting blog you have here although I don't agree with all the comments i'll be back DUI