Sunday, December 26, 2004

xmas n xmas eve

xmas eve

beta write it down.. at least will remember wat i do for xmas next

hahahaa.. erm off at fri 3pm.. sian 1/2.. still haf to hear rsm lecture.. he totally sux..

den reach home.. tired tired. but haf to prepare for aljunied trip at 6

left house at 550.. wahaha.. super late??

nono.. actually the second 1 to reach.. but see the main char soon after i reach.. wendy they all.. den wait for wendy fren ricko.. okie full house.. wendy tricia cynthia coby me weelung ricko.. haha.. chee chun coming later..

hmm go eat dim sum.. actuali quite close to aljunied mrt.. geylang lorong 27 i tink or 9.. dun reali remember.. lolz.. call a huge spread of dim sum..a ll kinds.. nt bad la.. steamy n delicious.. lidat la

eden observe someting.. wah guys dressed sloppily while gals dressed supoer nice.. lolz.. we all dressed in sandals n shorts.. while gals all dressed n look quite formal.. but they look they just went shopping..haha.. sian 1/2...

very sexy too..*wink*

hmm tink the onli thing i remember frm tat aljunied dim sum trip is tat i being bullied lo
she steal my ic n kept it in her personal bag... kaoz.. cannt snatch it frm her.. she dressed until lidat.. wait she say i molest.. zzz.. so rest of trip.. being bullied lo n helped them carry shopping car.. wo hao ke lian ah

den hmm eat until 9 plus den go walk walk.. wan to walk to eat dou hua.. but ring ring.. chenwei ring to say they gt tickets for kungfu at 930.. haf to rush there.. frm aljunied to toa payoh.. take taxi wor.. but nt bad la.. 1.80 per person i guess.. den zzzzzzzzzzzz.. nice seats frm chenwei mean frt row seat.. omg.. sit until my neck long lo.. but reali enjoy the movie.. reali luff until pengz.. tears come out of my eyes lehz.. mus watch la.. but hmm reali very lame movie.. hee.. so i like it very much

nice movie
nice movie nice movie..

den see finish..

11plus plus
going to b xmas le.. haha.. but we duno wat to do next..either go town clebrate or wat.. in the end we just sit there chat lo..
but ahem cw suggest us to go church see see.. in the end onli half the grp go see.. so my mmoery of xmas countdown will b a huge grp of ppl sining silent nite..zz.. candles.. father toking.. n this lyric" tonite a saviour has come to us.. he is christ the lord.."

funi church proceeding
but feel quite peaceful..
reali hope to haf a new life..

haha after tat church countdown.. den again duno wat to do next le..

den in the end separate again
2 went home
rest go neighbourhood eat roti prata..
haha nice yummy..
den go home by taxi..z.z

tink is my most eventful; xmas eve ever

footnote: i hate to tok abt army.. why every1 must tok abt army.. wkday tink of army is gd euff.. dun tok army stuff ever to me again"


wahaha.. nite abt 4 am reach home nslp..
so i slp slp to 11 plus
den online
den slp again
den online
den slp again

haha ppl ask me go out
too tired hack care
slp to 8pm eat dinner


so xmas is abt sleeping

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