Sunday, December 12, 2004

=) soccer walk ard gathering with old fren


tired day sia

wake up at 7 plus .. but game at 9 too early.. take nap.. wake up alreadi 8 30..-.-... rush lo.. reach tp by 905.. army efficiency.. ty
play play.. nice lehz today.. keep scoring goals.. somore score with back heel.. pro pro.. fun la the game..
tp astroturf best to play soccer.. yeah///

den come home ard 2.. damn tired lo.. online rest look sky... -.-...... time pass very fast.. soon 6.. haf to run for gathering again

haha.. see wendy n cynthia.. oo wendy grow thinner n dressed up even prettier.. make up oso like very nice.. austral;ia gt makieup lesson??

z.z still like to laugh her way of laughing.. i cannt imitate 1.. her jokes.. pro.. hmm still like to grab my handss.. dot dot dot..

hmm den we go eat ba.. haha i stupid.. i call a fren along w/o her permission.. like make whole atmosphere weird weird.. lolz..lolz dunno how to explain.. but tat 1 nvm la.. worse is my mouth..-.- keep on saying wrong tings.. hmm guess i too self involved.. but me attention seeker..haha.. guess i just shoot to get attention.. stupid me..die la

hmm gathering abit boring.. perhaps she wun invite me again lo.. haha australia gift is a keychain.. cute kangaroo.. but eh ..................

haha.. i feel i these few day i tok alot.. kaoz.. must tone down lo... siao la.. must b releasing all the words i nv say in bmt .. now overloading.. haha.. monday will become diam jincai again..silent as a statue.. yeah

ahh feel living on is a luxury.. hope some 1 take away tat luxury frm me..

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