Saturday, December 11, 2004

hmm nt bad day

nt bad day..

wake up at 11
eat lunch
check my pay n posting

tio west sg posting..23 mrt station frm tampines..haiz..still duno i stay in or out.. prepared for worst.. sometime i tink it is heaven will.. for a person who dun travel alot even ard sg.. must ffinally abandon safe haven n start to fly le..wat is lot 1 wat is west mall wat is jp.. nv visit b4.. dun even noe how bukit batok mrt staion look like.. hah maybe will see ppl i wun even see if i still live in east sg.. although sg is small.. but still it depend on fate to see some1.. hmm maybe i will see my dream gal at the west ..haha.. maybe she will even work in the same place as lol.. funny how ting will work.. nt bad la.. my posting quite near to few netfrens.. den i gt quite a few platoon mates posted to there... hopefully can help each other.. n poly frens .. 2 of them r posted to west too.. hah after 5 can come out lim kopi.. enjoy west sg amenities..

hmm nthg much to say.. still alot of qn marks abt future life.. all willl b revealed soon..

haha afternoon when i m veri sian n feeling suay.. lol sms come in say she intm waiting for weibo performance at 7pm.. ask me come down.. so hmm i come down lo.. den we walk walk arrd tm.. walk circles i tink.. nt bad la.. can chat along.. but tink i tok the most.. haha tink i appear nervous ma.. i keep on toucvhing cap.. sianz.. nervous.. hmm tok abit lame..=x... laming ard..haha.. bad impression maybe? but dun care la.. lidat lo.. walk 1 hr.. feel time pass slowly.. eh wat will she tink of me? i wonder.....a mystery maybe nt solve...

tml alot event

play soccer morning

eveniong gathering dinner.... hopefully enjoy

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