Wednesday, December 08, 2004

8th dec 2004- 5 days after my grad

hmm. duno wat to say lehz.. just feel days pass so fast.. a blink of eye.. i finished my bmt n now i in the middle of wk.... friday den i will noe the result of my posting.. whether i will stay in or stay out.. which mean stay in=> i will haf to stay in camp for wkdays.. onli come out for wkends...haiz sian.. duno new camp will gt internet connections arnot.

will i make new frens??

i getting to miss my bmt days.. i had mixed feeling when i get on my last ferry, my last bus ride to pasir ris interchange.. i say gdbye to my bunk, i say gdbye to my frens, i even say gdbye to ferry terminal.. i watch tekong disappear frm the edge of my eyes.. i feel like crying..haha
reali lo.. best of all i tink i miss the companionship, the comradeship tat is bonded over 7 wks.. i miss being lol
bt hmm i oso glad to leave there.. i reali tired of living in fear of confinement n punishments n scoldings..

tekong tekong.. o.0 ghost stories alot.. i actually encountered some in my bunk.. my buddy cupboard will sometime hear knocking sound for no reason.. n i gt see shaking of the cupboard.. quite eerie.. lol... we couldnt see any way how the cupboard can shake or why gt knocking sound.. den when in the dead of nite, i alway get the feeling tat i m being watched.. tekong ah at nite is quite scary..haha.. bt i nt scared=P.. if i dun disturb them, they wun disturb me... in tekong still gt other more scarier ghost stories bt i nv encountered it personally so cannt prove it.. n i heard frm my segerants tat my company building gt quite a few ppl jump b4... gt 1 even stabbed himself with lol.. lol..

hee.. actually hor i nv reali get to exercise alot in bmt.. i usally chao keng 1.. n somemore there isnt alot of physical stuff.. i alway lie in bunk sleeping:P.. n listening to music.. or hear ppl tok rot.. now i noe guys in singapore very horny 1..haha.. my bunkmate even get his gf pregnant n now is father of 4 yr gal.. horny horny..zz*admire?*

n i made quite alot of frens inside.. n i tink they tink well of me ba.. alway like to tease me.. bt hmm i nt a talkative person.. so i alway use my shy look.. i nt a gd talker..haha..

eh tink i quite popular ba.. hmm still havent get my pics.. i gt quite alot funni pics.. i =x even fingered my segrant using my bandaged finger..

hmm euff of army life.. tok abt past few days..


nthg much.. whole afternoon online play game den go out to watch soccer with fren.. lllidat 1 day gone.. wat a waste of time:X.. why no interesting ting happen to me


same same la.. play soccer in the morining.. very tiring.. afternoo 2 plus come back to dress for nite marina bay trip.. so sad lijun nv come.. she say she lol.. alex is looking forward to her presence.. in the end she nv go..haiz.. disappointed.. i reach the mrt station at 505pm.. rest heavtn reach yet.. i stand there for awhile n then they start streaming in.. lol gt 6 ppl(kuang cw wl cc wq alex).. we then go marina bay togther.. hehe den i very qian.. i push them towward long village where my netfren chienwen is working at..

wahaha.. we sit there n she nv notice.. den i keep looking at her=x.. saw her sis working there too.. whole family i lol.. quite enjoyable.. teasing her through sms.. gt 1 time ask her to add soup but she zao..zzzzzzzz... den ask her marina bay gt atm ma? den she say tanjong pagar mrt..she suaning me???

lol.. dun relai tok to her.. but i haf enjoyable time at marina bay toking rot with frens.. but pity no gals=x

monday==> slp whole day
tuesday=>? slp whole day

wah i live a interesting life..

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