Monday, December 13, 2004

wah first day of work

lolz.. now is 545am monday morning.. any tots for the day?
stress lehz.. so far mrt trup plus uncertain work conditions..
2 yrs o this kind of life..
can i take it?
transport expenses can b up to 1/3 of my pay
long bum hurting trip
lots of craps n stars.. superiors who need to b saluted..
unfamiliar surroundings..

haiz.. wat can i tink more.. duno lehz.. go there then noe le..

btw spend a great day sunday..

morning go cineleisure for kbox lunch.. sing sing sing to 3pm.. hmm surprise is tat lijun come lo.. no fly kite.. maybe becoz weather too rainy le ba..haha.. any tots of her.. i keep it to myself.. but ah.. wah it hard to entertain ppl for long period of times.. tink i very lousy.. sorry for tat.. n perhaps me too talkative n frenly n even irritating..haha.. aiya duno la..

zz nite den go eat steamboat play billards.. nt bad la.. but spend quite alot.. xmas no need go anywhere le la..haha.. interesting day la.. but it will alway end

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