Monday, October 08, 2007

wad to do?

life is so strange.

i tot i m a guy with no temper

but i lost my temper twice in a wk? last fri n today...

last friday becoz of that issue

today i lose it again.. issit i care for her too much

maybe i going to be a bad memory in her mind le..

maybe that is as well

maybe that will reali erase her frm my mind.

today she totally gif me the cold shoulder

i offer her sweet to her.. she reject

ask her angry or not.. she say no

but obviously she avoiding me.. she always turn her head if she see me walking past..

she dun tok to me.. she dun look at me..

eat lunch. she oso buy her own food to office..

all this let me conclude that she avoiding me..

i seriously dunnoe wad to do..

later in the evening when we going home, boss ask us to settle 1 stuff before we go.. they do it earlier .. nv inform me.. but in the end they cant finish .. i help them.. they totally ignore me..

then they finsh their stuff.. but they wan run home without helping me...

wow i help them alot of times.. but sometime once u critcise ppl, they wun forget..

they wun help me le..

i guess i learn 1 new thing.. nv criticise ppl..

haiss.. i wan solve this problem. still wan be fren with her

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