Tuesday, October 09, 2007

sometime i feel veri unfortunate

m i being born intoa wrong family?

although i have a wonderful siblings,

but life have never given me any chances.

although i shd say i m luckier than some ppl.

but uh i still feel other ppl r luckier in their life. they r being born into better families..
i must blame my past lives. must be accumlate too mani bad karma. now must repay back.

lol come out work when i 11.. hot hot cleaning room.. do dishwashering job.. with all the chemicals n so on.

every wkend..

pri 6 play truant becoz too stress in EM1. n handling part time work. was disillusioned with life.

just do wadeva i can... score 216..

study 4 yrs in prss.. happiest when slacking. but still nid to work during wkend. not much frens.

my life then is study home work.

16 mum die.. die after my olvls.

have to work mre. mon-fri.sat sun.

shoulder more responsibilities. but still score well in olvls.

anyhow choose course. becoz no point studying veri high. oso must go work plus family may not afford.

first yr poly work. always remb i always rush to work frm 6pm. dinner time was settled in a rushh..

unfortunate to hear the place was closing down. i was paid like 3.50 a hr..

so little hor. haiss.. but then i earn euff to pay for my poly fees n additional fees.. nv work for poly yr 2 n 3

was slacking all the way..lol.. not much motivations to study. n nt reali my cup of tea.. just wan play...

still not bad la.. poly.. all Bs and As. onli 2 D spoil my result slip

dream of going uni. but in the end hinder by the poor results. i knew i can do better. but sumhow i just dun have the desire..

in army i rediscover my desire. my fire to become more successful. i took up courses. i promise myself to make a life for myself.

now ard 1 yr plus have passed. i still feel i a failure.. hmm i guess i made alot wrong choices.

but i feel maybe if i born into a better family, maybe i will be better?

hmm if dun need work, dun nid suffer. dun nid grow ugly toes nails. spoilt by chemicals. dun have times for making more frens. gt time to play arcade
computer games , basketball..

will have better childhood..

maybe i will be a better person..

i oso dunno why i type this. just feel life is so unfair to me.. but maybe there r poorer ppl compared to me..

i m at a crossroad.

turn left or

turn right?

some ppl just have the luck. but i feel my experiences have toughened me .

i just have to push on.. with or without u

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GuReiSu said...

Dun be sad.. ppl learn tru all these obstacles of life..

At the very least, u r stronger than others and will be strong to face all circumstances.

Cheer up.. life goes on even if u are unhappi.. since we cant change the reality, might as well change ourselves to live everyday happily.. =)