Saturday, October 13, 2007

human lives r vulnerable

human life r vulnerable. things r happening everyday.. everything happen in a sec..

things that may look rosy to u in a moment may turn sour..

these 2 wks must be one of the horrifying wks i been through

although i m hapi when i receive alot of hapi bday msgs..

i receive terrible news..

my uncle went hospital.. dear ah pek.. my father's brother.. who always treat us nice food .. win toto 4d sure gif us money or treat us dinner.. family ties family bond so impt..

yet he was diagnosed with lung cancer

i cannot do anything.. i m helpless..

hmm things oso happen in work..

the underlying frustration burst into anger. when my colleague do abit wrong. which was a small matter in retrospect, i fark them.. anger at her.. burstout. den regret.. den sian whole wkend..

monday then see her cold to me.. i get more worse. den another burst of anger

been rushing to hospital these few days..

den she been so cold to me..

total cold war to me..

been aching with pain.. those pain unable to describe when u hear her smiling or laughing.. but the person she smiling to is not u..

veri pain.. very unbearable..

den thursday uncle come out.. diagnose with lung cancer.. look weak.. veri sad.. how can life change so much.

life is vulnerable

happiness is hard to get

treasure every moment..

how much longer can u look up at the sky n smile that u r still living...

n anyway do u reali look up at the sky..

sometime caught in the pace of life..

den we forget the simple stuff of life..

when can we really find peace in mind?

i dunnoe.. i still finding .. cheers..

my life is a mess

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