Tuesday, January 16, 2007

when everything is down. jincai is nv down

quite bored with life.. but is ok de..

i just need cash.. still so long .. mth end.. den onli fri den can go bank draw.. which mean feb 3.. which mean still gt17 days..arghh.. cannt take it.. still nid to return money i owe...

haiz.. i hope i have euff for myself...

life@chartered is just smooth sailing.. everything is easy to do.. it just take time... hmm i still dunnnoe how to tok to woman.. still so shy.. =(

there r quite a few chiobu.. all older than me.. but who cares?? hahahaha..

awww. how i wish some1 will take notice ofme.. a young man working silently at a corner..

hmm now i know charter ppl all use acca to go into charter finance dept.. hmm some nt even clear lvl 2

so hahahaha.. jiayou jincai... to have a better future is to work hard...

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