Saturday, January 13, 2007

ok long time nv blog.. 1 wk to be exact.. lazy to blog n erm bz with wrk bahz.. or rather say been wrking.. nt veri bz in office.. basically like army..wake up @6 rush out of hse @ 7
first parade @ 8am.. den lunch at 12...
come back wrk till 530

den den trable home... usuali reach home @ 7

by then will be tired? not reeali.. i still enjoy watching tv n surfing net.. but lazy to blog

hahaha.. hopefully nxt few mth is lidat .. i looking forward to receive my first pay!!! first time earn more than 1 thousand!!!

dunnoe wad to buy.. dunnoe wad to do....

1llet me see the option avaiable to me

1) go for driving lesson

1) get a license
2) challenging
3) can hao lian to lijun:P amelia n ermmmmmmm..........

1) no interest
2) too expensive
3) need time

2) invest in more cat modules

1) finish course earlier
2) go to lvl 2 in july n erm able to study wad cailian study.. can communicate
3) more confident in passin the cat modules than driving license

1) very expensive
2) very stressful in terms of time n money taken

hiaz.. hard to choose.. but pay must come in.. now rubbing hand in glee

lol just nw went eat dian xin.. nt bad.. but moouth gt two ulcer.. eat damn pain.. haa.. then too tired.. abit gong gong de..

llolllllllllllllll.......... see joycelyn there... with her buddy or butch frens?
wish myself this 6 mth wrk go as smoothly as this wk

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