Friday, January 19, 2007

wkends le

i guess i need to be resolute in my quest for my dreams n hopes...i know i not in life for the money..

i dun know wad i living for.. hmm i gt no illusion of being a rich guy or a guy who have a wife or family.. just living happily..

i nv fall in love n i dun know whether i will ever fall in love

i gt lots of frens.. close frens.. n a gd family.. i treasure them.. maybe tat why i live on

seriously i gt tink of dying before.. but somehow god dun let me die..

hmm i seriously cannt find any reason to live.. except my family n frens...

hmm tat why i devise goals.. things i need to achieve.. n hope i will achieve... i will live life with a optimistic outlook.. enjoy wad u can enjoy..

i have adopted my mother hopes for me as goals to live on.. being a success in studies..

seriously ACCA n ntu engineering degree(tentatively bbecoz i may nt go in becoz my result sux) does not mix.. does not help me in finding the perfect job....

it will cost money n effort n lots of white hair stress slpless nites.. social life sacrificed..

but i wan go for both.. becoz it is tough.. it is damn hard... i know it will kill me.. but i wan get it..

i dun wan live life without doing something tat will make my mum n myself hapi

for myself, i tink getting both qualification will make me hapi .. at least i can die without regret..

for this, i live on.. for this i hope my life gt meaning...

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