Tuesday, March 07, 2006

eventful few days


have a great day...

why lei.. i saw a very very very nice nice gal..
her name is joycelyn..22.. nus yr 2 biz student..
i also dunnoe how i get the courage to meet her
or i oso dunnnoe how surprised for me that a gal who noe me for onli ab 2 wks.. can jio me out for a meeting..

i met her.. n i nv regret it...

she is the beuatiful angel tat u can onli find in a blue moon..

tat day she is dressed like a angel..
dressed in white spagettic with flowery print.. n ncie denim skirt.. the kind tat show off her beautiful legs..

she gt beuatiful long hair

i quite amazed by her appearance although she was late
i waited by bugis burger king there.. glancing through each gal to see whose her.. becoz i totally have no idea how she looks like

she recognized me first..
haha.. i totally cant recognize her

hmm very funny her lei.. first she wore her new shoes to sch.. so feet gt blister.. so i bring plaster for her..
den she say her sis wan buy 4d.. so i go find 4d center for her..
hmm she look n sound like sha da jie..
but she still very cute n lovely...

then we went to burger king eat...
hmm sumhow the food is nt reali touched..
becoz we keep on toking n toking..
we tok on wide range of topics..
she even tok abt her family
n show me her neoprint of family photo long ago..
she sound so knowledgeable
tat i cant describe how smart she is
she is unbelieveably gorgerous, smart n intelligent gal
no words can describe her..

haha.. after 2 hr or so.. n finali eat finish my little whopper junior..
haha i had to leave.. becoz i arranged to meet my fren in bugis to walk ard..
i reali dun wan to leave the burger king.......
i can c she oso dun wan?
i dunnoe .. maybe i sense wrong..
we walk away from the burger king.. n i walk her striaght to bus stop..
n then we bade farewell..
so sad
she is simply fabulous..

haha.. i very funny lei.. i even returned her 10 cent change to her
becoz he meal cost 5.90
n she piad me 6 dollars..
i duno la
ihow i should act in this instance?

den sat nite i bk in
n thus a long day==> my alert red standby...
hmm later update u abt this
hm i reali du regret meeting her

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