Thursday, March 09, 2006

just to continue..

meet a great gal on saturday..
now ppl keep toking abt it?

hmm... my blog is nt reali a secret blog i wish to be.. hmm

but nvm..
i sgave the url to ppl who i reali care for..
n maybe they care for me then read the blog
so it alrite

activation day
at8 am..
veyr busy
i set up counter
full battle order
wait for further instruction
instruction=> support coy load ammo.. rdy to move out

haha i quite hapi.. mean i dun nid do anything
so spend whole afternoon do this
den go eat dinner..
actuali activation exercise nth much
but then suay thing is when recovering ammo, 1 round was lost..
we all nid to stay in
becoz a search is being conducted for it..
haiz stay in

den monday mrning nid to wake up again at 7
o conduct a search for it
den suddenly we found it..
it as actuali in the sbo of 1 guy
stupid kia
we cannt bk out in the sunday evening due to this guy
so we stay in whole sunday for this missing round
waste whole sunday..

den rest of wk pretty mundane.. nth happen
today hq cohesion day
half day
tml duty
bk in ard 7 i tink
hope it is a hapi day la

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