Tuesday, November 01, 2005

lousy life

no pt on dwelling on things that happen the way u do not intend to happen, but instead watch how fate changes ur life..

i cant forsee wat ppl tink.. i cant force ppl to tink my way..

i have my way..
i have my will

maybe sometime i do seem negative
but i understand things in life happen for a reason
i like to tink negatively
nt becoz i want ppl attention
nt becoz i just feel my life sux
just that i dun expect much abt my life
i dun reali try to expect much frm ppl
expect much frm life
becox they usually disappoint u

i duno wat is expected frm me.
but u cannt expect much frm me
i just a normal person with emotions
a person who tink more than he should

jialat la

ben dan hor
but i will try to be as i m
becoz i cant see how bad m i
i just b a cheerful ., lame , unromantic, slow, a person who cant decide how to pursue his life..
who duno how to make decision

in five yrs, i just b me with a grp of fren.. chenwei, chee chhun, weelung, waichuan, tony, alvin. najib, ah kuang..

sharing wat knowledge n happiness with them

i will treat them the greatest as i can gif them.,..

becoz i noe i a gd fren
i treasure ppl
they noe i a gd person ableit lame, careless, sloppy
they dun begrudge ppl on a just a fault, or several faults..
becoz they onli remember how gd i m
nt how bad i m

i just jincai,
who cheer up thier life..
who gif them a spark of life
who support them in time of nid
who lend a ear to them
who alway just being jincai... "slow"

so many yrs le.. but a moment of "bad" cant chnage the many yrs of frenship we haf

frenship is above all.. dun question my commitment towards me

i alway committed to each fren frm the day i noe them

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