Tuesday, November 01, 2005

continue to write on abt my life

olevel judgement day

hmm i quite scared tat day.. i walk gingerly to sch.. failing is unforgiveable.. passing is inconsolable

i haf to do well for myself
do well for my mother
quite scared n see alot of old frens at scha few mth apart frmolevel exams..
every1 is still ok
ng meiling, my form teacher is there

i received my result
my tears start to drop
i failed my english
gone my hopes
gone my dreams
all As but failed english..lol

u gt see this kind of person.. i cant hold my emotions.. i look at the result while i walked back to home. i cried.. i screamed, " why the world treat me like this"

i duno wat to do.. maybe frm tat time my life changed entirely?

temasek poly

i cant blame any1 for my ineptitudeness..my fialure..
i duno wat to choose in poly
i just ti gum..
i just chose dip in infocomm becoz it contain info..
mean just study information?
n it dun nid pass english
i went into temasek poly
attended orientation
felt weird
but i felt i belong
mit asten samuel n ppl who will be my polyclassmate for the last 3 yrs..

actuali poly life is nthg much...
everyday slack ard inlecture hall
piak for projects n
i mit chee chun in yr 1 sem 2.. actuali we classmate since first day..
but hmm
duno la we just clicked in yr 1 sem 2 when we become proj mates.. n we been proj mate for yr2 oso..
haha he introduced me to chenwei , weelung ... nahh duno how n why our frenship developed..
i m just a guy who played soccer after class..
i just alway will jio them play soccer.
somhow over games n over time our frenshiop developed..
n i become outgoing .. or i alway been outgoing.. i beginning to trust ppl
i alway cant forget how we play soccer matches on astroturf n street soccer court.. usuali played tilll the dead of nite.. at nite we will wander ard tp.. oso. n haha when we finish the soccer games late at nite.. usualli gt a grp o volleyball girls training..
.. maybe since then i become a se gui.. alway looking at gals.. i abit bad hor.. alway bio gals.. yucks.. i duno wh i look at gals.. why cant i treat them as a normal person.. becoz they r nt so special anyway..

alot of things i cannt forget abt poly life..
it simply the greatest time i haf
although nt academically
becoz it reali suffered
i noe alot of special frens..
haha i glad i gone thorugh poly

i just glad although i lost my mum, i gained alot of true frens...


internet haf changed many ppl ife
it certainly haf changed mine
as u noe
although i can sound like a veyr noisy outgoing person
but actuali i veyr quiet person
i a passive person
maybe abit negative?
but definitely not a person who interact well with person

haha duno how ppl see me as
i definitely nt a person who dun say thing well
or do thing well

hmm internet chaned my life
it made me a internet addict rite now
i cant surivive without internet
maybe tat why my social skills haf suffered as well

i noe alot of frens fmr internet
n they haf made my lfie more enjoyable too
maybe in the next post i will try to say more?
becoz i abit tired

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