Monday, October 31, 2005

seeing ppl blog so little in a entry yet can express alot, i wonder if i can do that tooo..
it may leave ppl yearn for more.. to noe more abt her life.. somhow i duno how to say short entries
my blog is alway full of rambling entries..

full of rubbish

i a person who dun get angry easily
i can give n take
hmm n i like o make ppl irritate.. somehow hmm i like to see ppl angry.. haf some reaction
haha.. such a prankster i m
lol.. tat why i gt so few frens ba..
uniquely those frens i haf is who can tolerate my crapness.. my lameness..
they knew how to deal with me..
tat why they r my frens..
tat y i noe i nv be alone..

as i look forward to days of torturous army life..
1 yr of this life
still gt 1 yr to go..

i should haf to walk it alone..
i should probably just switch off my hp..

n just be there in body but no spirit
dun tink so much la, jincai
nobody care for u le..
u just a person who
can never be recognized

jincai... student of yumin pri sch
jincai.. student of paris ris sec
jincai..student of temasek poly
jincai.. in bedok camp as clerk
jincai.. a singapore citizen
died on oct 31 2005

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