Sunday, July 24, 2005

sunday concludes this wk

this wk finali over.. although cannt say super xiong.. but at least it is 1 wk of army over... gg to start another 1 soon.. this 1 will end july.. 1 of the longest mth.. ahh another long mth coming soon.. august..

quick i wish it to b over as soon as possible..

today dun reali do alot of things..

no ppl reali to chat with

alway gt the same usuall ppl

sian life..

haiz losing orientation with the world.. i getting sucked into the monotonous cycle of life.. i losing frens... i losing netfrens.. they r going on with their lifes w/o me along..

i still stuck here.. stuck in the gloomy darknes.... unable to extract myself frm it.. the past

1 comment:

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