Sunday, July 24, 2005

actually i wan write yesterday


actually wan write the blog entry yesterday.. but too tired..

duno why i sotired during wkends

mebbe becoz i work too hard during wkdays..lolx..

hmm actualli to conclude saturday.. i had not done anything..

i woke up ard 10.. online ard 10....

play fm05 whole day.. won epl .. sad.. nv win treble..

go online chat.. the usual suspect.. qi, wen, amelia, esther, liwen, yingying

ahh my life go haywire le la

knew a new online fren.. ahh 26 yr old lady:P..muahaha.. see i aiming for more older gals liao..her name ah chim.. janine i tink..

lolx.. a retail supervisor who work in east.. np gal..

quite a inquistive lady.. ask alot of qn.. but ahh i no life la.. ask me oso no use..

lolx.. can tok la.. she a christian..lolx.. pretty .. erm duno..

today sunday morning.. wat happen to me?

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