Friday, July 29, 2005

i slated to go oversea..

i duno how to explain my feeling now.. confused, sad, do not noe wat to do.. duno wat to tink.. kana this is like no future liao for me.. although many ppl say going oversea is so gd.. so fortunate.. so enriching.. go there can gain more exposure.. but 1 yr lei.. i duno lei.. its abit too long for me.. n erm being me, i tink i cannt survive out there w/o any support frm my family.. although the money is great, i just cannt leave my family.. money will not erase the feeling of home...i will miss alot of things.. my com.. my frens.... ahhhhhhh.. my family will b the most i miss.. my sisters n brothers.. my father n my deceased mother who r there in singapore...........

i duno wat to tink now.. everyday is a timebomb..

can tell me god wat should i do now?
i m serious now..

i really do not know wat to do.......

i helpless..

duno why i tink of leaving this place, i haf to bite my tonguie n force to hold my emotions back..

i reali tink i cant go away..

i reali tink i haf too much feeling too much things in singapore that i cannot let go

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