Friday, November 12, 2004

cherish ur life?? wat ur life?

hmmm.. once again i feel life is so worthless..
now i experience army life..
i feel even more sian n useless..
alot ting i cannt do.. alot of thing i wan try but dun haf courage..
sometime i wonder wat i live for why i live for...
army life is a prison
no freedom to do things..
if unfair thign happen to u, u just haf lan lan.. bear with it...
becoz life continue..
breakfast lunch dinner night snack==> 1 day
ahh.. 2 yrs of disclipined n taking responsibity..
den many more yrs of my life taking responsibity as a adult..
doing thing nt my will but is becoz of circumstances...
trying to eke out a living on my own..
i feel i haf no aim le..
feel i vastly inferior to other ppl
i reali wonder why i live..
can't any1 let me die..
just let me die...
i dun wan tink.. i dun wan grow..
ahh.. maybe is just my immature tinking.. i oso duno why i tink like this...
i just feel growing up is a painful process..
i fear for my future...
i dun haf lot of frens.. every1 is bz with their lifes
family.. they more n more negrossed in their own things le..
they still care for me i noe..
but i feel more distant

i cannt take it.. gif me something to live for.. oh god tell me something.. hint me.. why n wat should i live for now

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