Sunday, September 05, 2004

long time no Write le......

hmm.. long time i nv visited my blog..lolx.. too bz with my pt work...too tired.. n chionging my gb.. so lazy to write my i wan to write 1 long long 1.. see whether u will yawn after reading it..

my WORK: ok i work as a guard dog in WWW.. although find it quite interestiing but after a few days, find it mentally exhausting.. really can kill ppl.. so i tink tat why WWW gt a high staff turn over rate.. colleagues==> hmm frenly but tink they resigned to see new guys alway working beside them.. read: colleague mean full time staff... ahh.. boss= bochap okok lo.. normal comment on them.. interesting workplace.. generally they will leave u alone.. oso gt interesting gals working there... no chio gals la.. working there can bio ppl wearing swimsuit.. but see long liao tink it quite normal.. n nth to see 1.. tink there is no HOT gal going WWW play.. all normal gals in swimswear.. nth tat can go to FHM.... haiz.. u noe standing at the entrance at a hot day alway make me headache 1.. haiz.. but heng i going quit soon after 5 days of marathon working at the place due to the school holidays..

Interesting experiences during Work: obviouly the most furitful things i expereinced is gt to hold many gals hand.. but it beside the point.. but haha.. tink the most thing i like is tat i gt to interact with the customers.. expecially i like to chat with young kids.. they so cute n nice.. haha i alway bluff them say there is crocodiles n shark in WWW.. lolx duno they believe arnot.. but cute la.. love kids.. hmm maybe i should try to b a school teacher? jincai= school teacher? wat a joke..

ahh.. times go quite soon 2 wks gone liao.. arghh.. NS coming soon.. i quitting soon.. back to my " normal online life"... but i feel i have less ppl chat le.. maybe is normal after we haf chat for so long le.. noe each other so long le.. nthg to tok le la... haf know most of my netfrens for at least 1 yr liao
1 yr very fast hor... i treasure the 1 yr n 1/2 chatting online very much.. the experiences n chatting with them arnot.. they brought with them alot of ideas n tots.. i tink it help improved me as a person..hopefully i gt make their life interesting..lolx..i quite hapi to hear tat some of them told me life wun b the same after i go NS.. maybe is soothe my ego.. but it worked..haha.. feel hapi after they say tat.. at least i felt tat i had been

human ego n pride..haiz

haha...afternoon nick : "i going to die next week".. gt ppl come ask me whether i go NS ah.. so funny..lolx.. NO LA..I nt going Ns next wk.. i just working constantly frm 9-6 everyday next wk.. my ns Date: OCT 20... thank u thank u.. any1 wan to meet me for dinner? lolx.... i tinking of organizing a dinner to gather my netfrens.. but tink impossible..haiz...

hmm interesting of note: ppl do change after NS.. more evidence shown tonite.. ppl become more thin skinned..

hey if i change after NS, do let me noe if we r still frens.. or we haf become strangers who just say hi n how r u..

i dun wan to b like tat with u all.. i wan to b a part of ur life.. no matter how small..

hmm maybe i getting my emotion ruling me..or just tat i care for ppl more than they care for me..

arghh.. i DUN WAN to b stranger to U

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