Tuesday, August 24, 2004

ahhhhh.. today is a blue monday

.. same thing everyday.. sometime i tink why i write blog for..lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ahhhh.. the gal nv sms me alot of days liao.. sms her she no reply.. saw her online.. nv tok to me for a few sentence den say buai.. b4 tat she online very long nv reply me..aww.. is she ignoring or avoiding me? ..lolx.. so interesting problem

sunday saw national rally.. i alway saw national rally becoZz Goh chok tong alway make it sound interesting.. watch it for past 4 yrs ..lol.. new PM new style.. although sometime he sound sianz.. but actually can hear his passion for his vision .. his new Singapore.. haha quite a few jokes oso.. make atmosphere nt bad... i like his policies being lined up.. very extensive.. totally will chnage the society..lolx.. but is too much chnage is gd??

"if it aint broke, dun fix it.." normal expression

lee hsien loong 1" if it aint broke, maintain it" ^^v.. sound very nice but hard to implement..lol

i sound so old.. maybe i should b the orchard type...gaga.. duno who is the new PM ..=s.. nv watch news

. changing lifestyle.. dun b trapped in comfort zone.. doesnt we all want to change??

haiz.. i tink i alway in a comfort zone which is called Singapore..everything is being mapped for us.. lol.... even the tots tat we should make more risk make more entrepreneurship is being lined out in govt policies//lol

govt want us to tink ourselves.. but depend on govt too long.. can we tink?

for me personally, i m a person who wanted little..
ppl wan jobs, ppl wan money, ppl wan gf.. ppl want material wealth

yet i duno.. i gt no needs or wants.. i live frm day to day.. i gt no goals..my hp old model.. i dun even haf a mp3 player.. haha.. i only gt a stupid com with a internet connection

yet i felt the need to break out frm this thinking.. should i crave more so i go aim more n achieve more??

yes i tink i should do tat.. i feel i must do someting to my life.. empower it..i dun need gfs.. i dun need money.. i need empowerment.. if getting financial rewards or material wealth or even happiness is the rewards, den i should work hard in my life.. dun b a wasted man.. must b a jincai who leave memories in ppl heart.. curry chicken time oso gt lots of ppl come to my funeral..lol

20 21 year old formative years..the turning pt of life.. i haf my gifts n achievements b4.. i haf my set backs n falling down.. but doesnt it sound like part n parcel of life..i should try achieve more.. n fall down more..

well dunnoe is i lying to myself or i really doing it.. i just feel like toking it.. i just wan to do something to my life

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