Wednesday, September 08, 2004

hmm meet some netfrens but no feelings..

well today is my 2nd day working at WWW during this intensive workweek..lolx.. late for work..=x.... den heng heng go work exit... monday cannt work at exit becoz of newcomer

hmm meet netfrens.. today is a day of fated meeting

first example: i was having my lunch break at ntuc foodfare.. when lijun n her fren come i was enjoying my chiekn rice..-.-.. den saw them come sit next to me.. hmm no appetite liao.. only eat half half nia... den quickly zhao ^^V

hmm den lijun n her frens all come ard WWW.. see they float ard WWW entrance.. i oso sian 1/2...-.- .. den duno is i zhu dong or wat.. den quickly wave them inside.. den let them through..nv really tok to them.. hmm maybe i look dao or wat..haha.. but i haf to act normal becoz gt cameras n supervisor.. cannt really tok.. *sorry to who asked me for going to thier bbq*.. cannt really tok to him.. n oso i too tired after work to go to bbq with erm bunch of "strangers"...

haha.. den they inside for a few hr until i end my shift.. weelung n me at the exit playing ard.. den oso cannt tok..wahaha.. den quickly wave them through.. wow... n best of all.. MISS LIJUN nv tok to me at all.... alamak nv even hear her voice.=x

2nd fated meeting: peishan n xiusen..

actually i caught a glimpse of them passing thorugh WWW entrance.. 1 wear white n the other wear blue...dun tink they saw me

den after work when i leave WWW, i saw xiusen n peishan n 1 more guy fren.... hmm walk towards each other.. den duno why.. i decided to say halo to them.. as hmm maybe we wun get to see each other until maybe next life=).. i walk alongside them den keep on saying hi to them.. finally caught their attention..hmm wat greeted me is huh n so on.. dun tink they recognized me.. hmm haf to repeat u r peishan so many time den gt respond..-.-.. " u jincai ah" " u just off work " lol.. den i saw them quite bz.. 1 keep looking at her hp.. den i oso gt nthg to i quickly zhao la..

haha.. wow.. i keep zhaoing..hMM.. dunnoe lehz.. no tots..maybe frenship fade le

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