Saturday, July 10, 2004

happily living in a world of his own

i wan to tell a story..

there is a person who lived happily by himself..

he dun dream of anything

he dun care for anything..

he just studied..

wonderfully he gt 6 As in his olevel..

but he dun feel happy.. he has no 1 to celebrate with.. he has no 1 to an wei him for his failed english

but somehow 1 day , on that particular day,

he is sure he should nt b so alone

he wan every1 to join in his world..

he wan to invite ppl

but this silly boi do not noe how to do tat

he joined poly instead of jc

wanting to make a fresh start

buut 3 yrs on

he is still in the same situation

how he wish some1 will care for him

will get to noe him

will help him rectify his mistakes

but days passed..

the hare still nv come n the hunter remained there alone n sad

loneliness will claim him tonite

but how he wish tat god has nt claimed his dearest person in his life

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