Thursday, July 15, 2004

lolx.. 1 wk nv write

hehe.. 1 wk nv write liao.. nothing really happen mahz.. just online offline sleep eat..lolx..boring life..=x
eh.. si snow oso come see my blog... still duno who gt come n read my blog..-.-
so bored.. ok la.. say something interesting tat happened in my life.. nice problem actually..lolx.. abit nonsense..
erm 2 gals n 1 guy..lolx..they had said they liked me in some way.. they almost everyday sms me.. sms content abit erm risque(duno spell rite arnot).. aishiteru so on sms flirting is actually very fun.. hopefully is nt i leading them on=x
1 gal is very outgoing.. verydaring... she dare to say things i dun dare to ask.. loook ah lian.. but quite nice gal la.. alway worried abt hw n so on..alway wan to meet me but i scared..haha..lolx..  alway call me deardear-.-.. hMm say i alway understand her best..
the other gal more reserved.. very devoted to her faith.. church gal.. alway go cell grp n so on.. hmm doesnt really tok very flirty la.. just normal chat.. but feel tat she like me.. n she say so  in some way....duno why she like me..haha.. but she alway sms me everyday..i tink she gt limitless sms..lolx.. nice gal very pretty w/o specs.. look neat with specs.. hoho a gd wife example..=) but then omg she alway call me poopoohead..
actually still gt 1 more gall but this 1.. very quiet lo..alway i sms her first.. actually i mentioned her in prev blog.. but she ahem continue to "like" me after i gently declined.. so erm this continues..
lolx.. i tink i write this to seek attention..wahaha.. but actually i dunnoe how to solve this.. is i leading them on or is my wishful thinking? but then actually i dun tink i wan get involved with them..but sms fliritng is fun.. so erm this continues..lolx.. i so bad..
.. the other thing is i believe after i go ns, all this internet thing n frens will just vanish..lolx.. oso i write this becoz i dun tink the gals will come see this..i dun tink they haf the address

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