Wednesday, July 07, 2004

lolx.. 2 day nv write.. gb down

haiz.... yuan lai life is lidat....

i watched child hope..

once again i feel a sense of sadness..

u live for others.. ==> is tat the meaning of life..

i wonder.. so gt any1 of the ppl live for me?

welllllll i can say no 1 live for me..

although they love or like me but i dun tink they depend on me or anything..

if i gone, i just a name on their memory..

A "hole" in the heart

a child w/o a parent has a hole in their heart.. the happiness will just flow through their hole.. they will nv hold the happiness n therefore nv noe true happiness..

how true... i dun tink i noe true happiness..... can u describe happiness to me?

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