Wednesday, February 25, 2009

teach me how to earn xtra money

today is a boring day @ work.... still dun like boss to torture me.. sian. work seem so little but the attitude of the new superiors sux.. or maybemy attitude sux. hate ge now.. now looking through jobstreet. i wan find a job that pay as well as my current job. but it seem difficult.

been surfing ard.. life seem mundane. been seeing alot of affilate marketing website. seem interesting. but tink require time n effort. n dun tink it is worth the time. but seem to cannt tink of better way to generate positive cashflow. keep lose in soccer /stock.

die le la.. when can i be financially free.. i hate to tink of money. but it haunt me everyday

hahaa.. i shd prepare to invest mre in relationship n frenship to gain happiness!

but i no fren 1 de la

ok sleep now.. ciao tml will be a better day

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