Tuesday, February 24, 2009

resilient jincai

somehow i feel so demoralised.. positive things does not happen to me everyday.

watch benjamin button. quite nice but super long. the message the movie try to send is quite positive.

no matter how much we curse and swear everyday, once it is time to go, u will have to let go.

:( ur life is determined by frens and circumstances n the things in ur life. it all fated. no matter how proactive, a sec later or early u do 1 thing, it will dramatically change ur life.

but then again, we should be always positive in life and move on. u can only look to the future and hope for the best.

i have no idea wad i going to do in the future. once, i have dreams, hopes and aspirations. i try to aspire to reach the sky but i find the going tough. veri tired. sometime hope to give up n just let go

m i too zhi zhou?

work bu ru yi, love bu ru yi, family bu ru yi.

who can i confide in this tough times?

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