Sunday, May 06, 2007

i always tok cok 1

lol.. actuallly i guess i overestimmate myself.. i just a piece of junk... lying in the junkyard.. living in past glories.. now i old le.. brain slow liao.. cannt tink liao.. still tinking of achieving great things............wad acca.. wad first class honor.. wad ntu.. it all lies to cover my weakness.. i a weak person attention seeker.. no use no brain.. hais. wad i can do.. wallow in self pity.. tinking the world will change for me like tat.. or coontinue to fight on.. continue to feel the despairing feeling of sadness.. i feel so dead.. wad i have in my life to fight on for.... maybe i shd go back to my poly life.. slack all the way.. go online pian xmm... lol.. knw alot of girls .. now chat with them ... meet them .. so fun .. so exciting n unpredictable.. but in the end i still single n unwanted.. n those so called frens have all seem to have thier stufff to do while i wallow in here.. i m so dead.. must be my fault.. must be my fault..

becoz of my personality , becoz of my choices, becoz of my mistakes. i m so born to suffer.. i guess i need a break

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