Thursday, May 10, 2007

been lazy to update

lol.. nothing to update.. erm just given notice.. gg quit at the end of mth..

just received letter frm ntu.. tio reject again.. sian..

hmm dunnoe wad to feel now.. i oso cannt ascertain wad i m feeling rite now..

confused.. duno wad to do? wad can i do?

life is full of rejections n failures.. but why did my failures always come when i wan do my best??

lol.. i guess i did not take my opportunities when it come.. now it no time to regret le..

wad can i do? seriously i dunnoe..

i just 1 step walk 1 step.. future seem so dark yet again...

wat can i do?

no 1 can advise me.. ... ..

wat is life?

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