Saturday, April 14, 2007

summarizing the week

well.. so fast finish a wk le.. quite hapi although i made a few mistakes.. i hope nxt wk will be a better one.. i must concentrate on work n sstudies..

haiss... veri sad now.. i wonder if i m tooo irritating sometimes.. doin stupid things..

i guess i shd keep to myself more.. dun disturb other ppl le..

she have her happiness..

i have my studies.. so sian study study in hope of making my life better.. making my mother proud

but in the end, i feel emptiness in my heart..

i really m wondering wad m i doing..

m i doing wad i wan?

i reali tired of life... hais why i always like girls who r attached n wun like me 1.. devote too much feeling le..

maybe is becoz of studies ba.. den i anyhow tink.. i guess humans r weird..

odds r stacked against me

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