Friday, April 13, 2007

Been busy with OT

life is so bz de.. ot ot ot .. when come back home, must study study study

but in the end nth goes in.. n lay in bed sleep till nxt nite le

reali jialat.. even now i cannt tahan now.. tink i going slp soon

sian.. nowadays energy level low.. last time can pia to 4 5 am..
den go back camp work at 7 wor

but i guess army is different frm workplace..

workplace is alot use brain de.. jialat.. i cannt tahan..

hmm 2 wks had passed.. n i know new ppl new guys.. new working environment..

enjoy very much but i will quit before exams in order to revise for it..

hais dun like to quit.. but sometime is betterr to find different kind of jobs this yr,. try try

lol 1 thing i dun like abt this job is lots of OT while u dun get paid...

haiss.. my tour of duty is chartered semicon. His. sony..

where will be my next stop..

wad will i see n know.. i wonder..

tsk tsk dun talk sso much,,, back to studies..

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