Wednesday, March 07, 2007

untitled post

sumtime i feel worthless living iin this world.. why i always seem to envy wad ppl have.

ppl have car ppl have lover ppl have money ppl have status.. but i have nth....

i dream of having.. but sumtime this is onli a dream..i cannt hope to dream of having it in this life

becoz i born to be poor? many r born to be rich.. many r born to be clever.. but sumehow i m born to be

somehow i hate myself for being myself..

hate myself for mani reasons
1) why i have to see my mum die in frt of me
2) why i have to be so useless
3) why i cant overcome myself and be a better person
4) why cant i bring happiness to every1

so mani reasons to hate me.. i already hate myself.. so do u hate me

it so heart wrenching to see some1 who u love die in front of u...

it also very heart wrenching to see the gal u love is holding other guy hand.

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