Thursday, March 08, 2007

untitled again

have u wondered how to cry in front of a dead person.. i remember...

tears cant stop flowing.. yet u cant stop it....

now at this moment, i want to cry but nno tears come out...

it has dried frm numerous disappointment i have over my life..

u can never wan to live my life

1-6 cooped up in hse.. always play alone.. play imaginary games.. wonder when will i have a fren

7-12 i onli remb hse.. i nv remb frens schools.. i dun tinnk there ever a pri sch mate who r still close to me now

it always home n home.. me n my 4 walls n books...

pri 6 sch too stress.. teacher torture me.. always pinch my ears.... play truant.. the sight of my mum cryying in
front of my principal. i m disappointed.go to em1 study higher chinese. in the end disappoint mother.

a pure disappointment in life

sec school sch home work soccer work n work work
i onli remb going to do dish washing jjob..wkend is full of work.. wash till my leg pain.. skin peel
in the end money just go in bank.. i know mother good.. wan us earn money so infuture wun so xin ku
yet i a disappointment again

a pure disappointment in life. i get 6 A for my olvls.. hoping to go to jc... go for 3 mth course. dun understand literature. cannt understand ang moh teacher.. cried in frt of him. den dun go le

mother died in may 2001. decided to go poly. paartly becoz of mother died n jc failure

a disappointment in life.

worked in dishwashing full time. mon to sun. at nite.. poly time. 1st yr. after the food court closed , stopped working
began gambling n spending alot. lose all i earn last few yrs. ard 1 k n the rest went into studies.

a disappointment in life.. plus nv scoore well in poly.

for 6 mths after poly. slack at home. no interest to work.

a disappointment in life

army toughened me up.alot thing to learn. yet i keep bungling.

a disappointment in life

in 2006 i decide to buck up. tried improve myself. my life,. my everything.

wan to achieve alot of things.

in 2007, i feel disheartened.

becoz i a disappointment in life. wad can i say

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