Thursday, February 22, 2007

why i so fuked up?

I really have a disappointing week..I hate to think of the future weeks to come..

first on wed, i reported work to pacific star on wed.. sumore come early @ 845.. the person in charge wasnt there.,.

i was left there waiting in the meeting room for like about 1 hour..
ok i dun mind that becoz i was being paid sitting there..

then a woman bring me to thier office.. she wasnt the woman in charge of me.. i blur blur follow her..
den she led me to a desk.. say i will be working there.. wah n i can get to use a laptop .. o n it was customised for me.. namely i gt my user login and a email..

quite professional the IT dept..

i was dumped there to do filing.. which in afterthought i do it quite slowly... but so much also gt nothing to do.. do finish ... i was told to cancel a entry in oracle n reenter a invoice..well they r using a revised version of oracle.. which i had seen before but nv really touched it before i leave chartered semicon. It was newly launched
in chartered.

i told the supervisor that.. hmm den thier face i tink i quite slow to catch up with the new interface.
but overall after exploring, i tink i can handle the application well..
hmm after ta, i was taught to write up a cross cheque.. wah first time do lei
but it qiute interesting..

after lunch, i was left to do filing again.. most of the staff was on leave...

hmm to sum up, i dun tink i m nt capable for the job.. just tat i tink they expect a more experienced person for
the job.. n they nt willing to train me... fuk up lo.. i wan to learn mre lo..

at least i get tto wrrite up a check n key in invoice.. wun be so noob..

haizz..fuk the wk continue with me bettin for the first time since jan...

bet blackburn win bt they draw... n it like they gt no desire to win although they trailing..

sumtime i tink when everything goes against u, it really hit u like a truck

i really feel demoralised... haiz.. money problems.. job problems..

when can i reali have no problems..can any1 tell me

no more shit pls.. i really cannt take it..

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