Monday, February 19, 2007

peaceful cny

ok passed my exams.. albeit lesser then i expected.. but all in all, i can advance to other papers...

t5-t10.. 5 more papers in 1 shot.. well my most difficult task of all time.. machiam taking olvls...

haha..hopefully can ace it

i wan study 2.1, 2.2 ,2.3 this coming july..

okie okie.. veri peaceful cny.. went cousin hse on first day.. although kana forced.. but enjoy myself very much

they r my extended family.. i guess i will need to depend on them if or when i need help.. similarly i guess i will help them when they need help..

tml starting work.. so scary... hate starting work.. but bo bian.. i so fuked up... =)

eh nobody see my blog le.. i tink.. nowadays dun feel like chatting with ppl.. dunnoe wad they doing le

my frens r dwindling by the moment.. this is a moment for self explore..

i wan.. n i must do it.................

1 comment:

xLazyGirLx said...

hey there! what kanna forced =.=
u enjoyed it so much ok?