Wednesday, February 07, 2007

tired of life

well today is my last day in charter.. n i took leave.. so my actual last working day is yesterday..say gdbye to the temps who work there.. they quite frenly.. just blame me for veing too quiet.. cannt go know them mre..
they all meinus.. haa.. den i add them in frenster...

a job is abt getting contacts n experience.. well i learn quiiite alot there.. nt bad...

i learn abt the accounting field in general.. noe tat the onlli way to make it is to go to auditing line.. or investment bankingline.. commercial line payrise too slow..

accounting work is quite tedious n quite boring actually

well i knw more abt the accounting field in general.. so i quite hapi

know tat time pass fast.. quite a few of them regret wasting thier time in life..
i shall treasure my time in life...

n live to fight another day..
wish mi luck on getting another job!

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xLazyGirLx said...

take care kor kor! =)