Saturday, February 10, 2007

i so pooor.. feel so poor

reali lack cash.. damn sad....n i living day frm day

now it seem hard to find job.. nt mani ppl find me sia

where can i find job security??? where can i find money??

now i must wrk hard, tink hard, n focus..

tink becoz i tink too far ahead into the future, then i tend to screw up the present

must wrk hard n tink for the day..

tink becoz i nv serious n concentrate on chartered job, tat why i screw up

i tink i lack abit motivations to complete study le... can i finish wad i started.. cna i get CAT?
den get ACCA?

arghh must work hard..

i applied for uni again.. even if it is false hope, it is still a hope for me to live on
ah valentine time lonely again

probably working

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