Saturday, January 06, 2007

sat slack.. summarize whole wk

ok.. prata session on dec till 6.. veri hapi.. being ard frens is always so enjjoyable.. why cant i spend my days onli ard frens.. dun worry abt life.. money.. future.. work.. or gf.. or wadeva.. there are crazy thingsto consider n think..

jan 1 later afternn play billards.. keep beo gals.. while i n cw talk abt " grandslam".. hahaha.. fun..

jan 2.. onli go walk ard bugis area n billards again

jan 3.. slack whole day at home.. back to reality.. keep apply job..
jan 4 go interviews n interview jan 5 also.. jan 5 get news tat i being signed on standard charter smi conductor i tinklo.. woodland.. so far.. but heng heng gt transport frm tamp mrt... near my hse.. erm dunno whether my pay is realli my total pay for the month ie take home plus cpf

really hope so...

nxt wk another wk of ermmm new stuff.. scary.. new start...

yea been doing flyer distribution for a few days.. damn shagged.. leg pain... nth too update

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