Monday, January 01, 2007

new yr new resolutions

2007 had come.. n i quite sad now.. becoz i lost 20 dollars.. wad i earn frm amk temp job.. knn.. sian.. dun like lose money but bo bian no money.. need money.. so i need to find more sources of money.. sianz..



1) i shd bet money that is deemed extra... but i tink i shd nt bet at all.. but bo bian i deem it as investing...

2) i shd be more daring, outgoing and willing to achieve wadeva i want

3) i want get into ntu or nus

4) i wan save money n get abt 20,000 dollars in bank

5) i wan finish CAT


1) get a gf i really will love and be with her forever

2) win 4D or buy winning stocks which earn me thousand of bucks

3) make more frens, expand social circles and gain more working experiences

4) learn driving and get the license at first try

5) be able to get wadeva i wish for in 2007 first day and those stuff i written in my targets list

6) to be able to travel to at least 1 country

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