Saturday, December 16, 2006

point taken on dec 16 2006 3 more days

blogging in process.. pls dun disturb

today went interview for a pt telesales position.. lol in the end kena intro into insurance agent line.. tio a 2 hr leccture on how to become a insurance agent.. cock n bullshit stuff la.. but i wan the pt job lei
7 dollar per hr.. do at nite .. 7-10 very shiok.. 20 dollar... i work for 2 wk.. can clear my bills..alot bills sia.. to clear..

my first priority is to find job.. haiz

1) to clear debts n bills
2) to pay for acca
3) to have valuable working experience.
4) chiong for more activites..

slack actually not good.. it dull ur brains n reflexes..

i need a job.. a well paying job

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