Monday, December 11, 2006

12122006-dental ffi

okie okie finali i do my dental ffi after 2 yr 1 mth 3 wk in army... 7 more days to ord.. happy but troubled..

i really duno wad kind of jobs i looking for.. there are so mani requirements in the jobs i browse through..

Am i capable to handle it?

i gt alot of questions but no answers.. i have alot of doubts in my mind.. but i cant clarify.. i simply m lost..

i know i need to plan for my future... i simply unprepared for the uncertain future i m gg to have..

perhaps the plan i shd adopt is go to have a temp job which will lower expectations for me.. while i adjust to the work society....

it is a feasible plan.. i reali have no one to bounce off ideas.. simply everyone is busy with their individual lives..

i shd be able to cope with it.. or can i?

xmas is coming.. but i reali cash short.. i dun tink i going out to celebrate.. hopefully i can find some part time jobs to gain valuable experience

no money.. reali bankrupt le.. still gt bills to pay.. still wan buy biz suits.. i simply dun have enough suits to cope with 5-day wk jobs.. siao liao siao liao...
can any1 give me ideas? on wad to do

its another sleepless nite.. i m blogging at 7 am.. hmm did not slp throughout the nite..........

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